Turn Your Amazon Echo Dot Into The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda

The Mandalorian may be famous for its direction, association to Star Wars, or captivating story, but none of those compares to the popularity and love of Baby Yoda. Irrespective of whether an individual was acquainted with Star Wars and The Mandalorian or not, everyone knew about Baby Yoda. So, it was natural that when Disney announced that they would sell Star Wars: Galaxy edge merchandise, Baby Yoda merch will be a part of it. The Mandalorian was immensely successful, and people lauded the makers for a job very well done.

Since people are stuck in their houses and are avoiding any form of social gathering, it has majorly affected every business, be it small or large. The same happened with Disney parks. Though theme parks opened their gates to people on 11th July, the crowd has been extremely thin, and hence the profits are depleting fast. To manage such huge losses, the company had decided to launch some of its Star Wars merchandise outside the park as well so that the people can enjoy these memorabilia and Disney can earn some revenue. For the same, they teamed up with Target and General Mills to distribute the merchandise. One of the very first such souvenirs that have been launched is a Baby Yoda themed device.

The Child who was The Mandalorian’s constant companion in his quests throughout the show was affectionately known as “Baby Yoda” and became a viral meme last year. Even Disney had not expected the character to get so much attention and recognition by people. But they were quick to encash on the trend and create a lot of souvenirs dedicated to Baby Yoda specifically. People recently noticed a post on Amazon store that confirmed that fans of The Mandalorian can now express their love for The Child by buying The Child: an Echo Dot case that will convert your Echo Dot device into baby Yoda. The case is a product created by mobile case manufacturers OtterBox. The case is essentially a plastic stand for your Echo Dot that has big green ears sticking out of the sides of the case.

The case is cute and lets people reminisce about Baby Yoda. But the entire charm of the character was his big beady black eyes, and this product is missing exactly that. Without those charming eyes, it is easy to confuse it with regular Yoda because green ears are a feature both of them share. The fans can pre-order it, but the product will hit the markets in late August 2020.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time that audiences have spotted such a strange Baby Yoda merchandise on the internet. In July 2020, Hasbro launched a Mandalorian-version of their game Bop It! modeled like The Child. The toy was cute, but it felt weird to box Baby Yoda in the head to win at the game.

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