The AMC Theaters are Reopening!

Are you eagerly waiting to watch Tenet? As moral boosting news, the AMC has announced that it will be reopening its theaters on August 20th to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Moreover, the price tag for one piece for one day will be 15 cents, which is what it was in the year 1920 when the AMC theatre was established.

To further accentuate the theater’s historical significance, it will screen some old blockbusters such as Christopher Nolan’s Inception, The Empire Strikes (Star Wars Episode V), Black Panther, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, and Grease.  All these movies will be shown for 15 cents on the very first day of the reopening i.e., on August the 20th. After the reopening day, the movies will be priced at $5 per ticket.

Like all theaters around the world, AMC was also shut down in the month of March following the pandemic crisis. It will be reopened on August the 20th to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

More than 100 AMC theaters spread across the entire United States of America will be opened on August 20th to celebrate what will be a historic day for American cinema for several reasons. The areas where it will be opened include Georgia, Texas, Connecticut, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, Indiana, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Alabama, Ohio, Nevada, Missouri, Louisiana, Kansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and the capital Washington, DC. State officials of the rest of the areas will have to permit the release once things start to improve.

August the 20th reopening is essential for AMC’s multiple-phase plan to kick start its business again. AMC will open more than 600 theaters i.e., two-thirds of its operation on September 3rd when Tenet will be released.

2020 has been the worst year for films worldwide as the theaters have gone dark, resulting in unfathomable job losses. So, AMC’s reopening is not just happy news for AMC and the American public, but it is news that gives hope to the film industry worldwide.

This year’s biggest films have been continuously delayed, including Marvel’s Black Widow, which is hopeful for a November release, Disney’s Mulan, which has been pushed to August and DC’s Wonder Woman, which is now gearing up for October release.                    

Tenet release plans also give a lot of confidence for theaters worldwide because they are very well aware that Christopher Nolan fans will turn up for the film. While most of the films have moved to OTT platforms, Nolan has remained adamant that the film he has worked hard to create since the last year is meant to be enjoyed only in theaters.  

It was in May that Nolan wrote an article in the Washington Post describing theaters as “the vital part of American social life,” and when the time comes, “they will need our help.”

Tenet was touted as something that will save the summer for cinemas, well the summer has passed, but the importance of Tenet release for movie theaters has remained intact all around the world.

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