Essential Features of Webex You Must Know About

Webex is a video-conferencing application that was introduced in 2007 and supports online meetings, just like any other platform that supports web conferencing.

Online conferencing can change the game. Before talking about its features, let’s take a look at the advantages of using Webex:

1.      Works with any device

Webex works with almost any device, whether it be your Mobile phone, PC or Cisco video device. You don’t have to do much about joining a meeting. Just press the green button if you’re already invited to a meeting, and there you go!

Nothing to do with the installation of apps or plug-ins, you can use directly the Browser that provides the same features as an application.

2.      Collaborate with people and get to know them

Whenever an emergency meeting is conducted, or you’re meeting a client for the first time, ‘People Insights’ feature helps you study about them.

Webex generates a profile based on the reviews and other data and works with the algorithm to create a profile for a quick view.

3.      Smooth working with media, live

Sharing media content is an absolute necessity for complex meetings. It is that ensured Webex meetings are streamlined to share video content and other media.Presently, you can see videos and activities in high resolution. A higher frame rate gives you smoother movement and more pictures, so you can concentrate on what’s going on continuously. Sound and video remain completely synchronized so all members can see and hear simultaneously, regardless of how you interface –from any stage, cell phone, or PC.

Features of Webex

1.      Attend the meeting and view your notes

While giving a live PowerPoint presentation, the speaker usually tends to memorise the topic he has to talk about or keep reviewing the notes while delivering a presentation.

A similar activity can be done with the help of Webex. You can add a window with all your notes on the screen, which is only visible to you, and no one else has access to the same. You don’t have to memories long lectures or notes, instead review the presentation on the screen.

2.      Share Transcripts

It permits you to naturally make an email consisting of details of the attendees,and it incorporates the participants’ rundown. You even have the alternative to connect the chats, files or documents if any, whiteboards, polls and the notes.

The steps to share transcripts in a meeting are:

–         Tap on the file menu.

–         Click on the ‘Send Transcripts’ button.

–         Select the information type you want to share.

3.      Nail a video on Webex

While in a meeting, whoever speaks appears on the screen, which is very distracting.You can pin one particular person’s video on the Webex to keep the focus. The host is required to click on the ‘Pin’ icon to restrict changing of videos, by default.

4.      Sharing files on Webex

If you have a copy of a file or document that you want to share with your colleagues as well, it is possible with Webex.

Anyone can share and file or document by following the steps below:

–         Go to the ‘File’ menu.

–         Click on the ‘Transfer’ button and select the files you want to share.

5.      Restrict or assign privileges to the attendees

A host has all the control over a meeting and thus can also restrict and share privileges with the colleagues or the attendants of the meeting – For example,who can share files, who to restrict from sending messages, etc.

Note: Only a host can go to the attendant’s menu and select the options to enable or disable privileges.

6.       Remove someone from the meeting

For instance, you need to talk to a specific team once the meeting with all other colleagues gets over, you can remove the participants to start the discussion with that particular set of people.

Click‘Expel’ by right-clicking on the attendee’s name to remove them from your meeting.

7.      Stream online with Facebook

Sometimes,a piece of information is to be released to a broad set of people or publicly.You can share your Webex meetings online with the help of Facebook.

The steps to do the same are:

–         At the bottom of your meeting window, click the‘More options’ button.

–         Click on the ‘Start streaming with Facebook’option.

–         Next window will ask you to log in with the desired Facebook account. Fill in the ID and Password.

–         Click ‘Start Streaming’ to confirm.

8.      Restrict anyone from entering the meeting

If somebody tries to enter your meeting, you can restrict them from entering by locking the room. Only the people with the link who’re invited will be able to join with the host’s permission.

To lock the room, click on the ‘Lock Meeting’ button from the meeting menu.

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